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Rachel Thorburn Be The Best Version of You NZ

As a Licensed RTT® Practitioner Rachel works online with clients all over the world. Under hypnosis and using specialised RTT® Hypnotherapy techniques, Rachel will access your subconscious to uncover the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You will transform the limiting beliefs permanently so you can have mind and body you desire!

RTT® with Rachel

Be The Best Version of You

Are you struggling with issues related to Trauma, Grief, Addiction, Weight, Anxiety, Sexuality, Fear of public speaking, Phobias, Neurodiversity or major life changes?

If so, then it's your time to get rapid relief so you can live the quality of life you deserve! 

RTT® is Rapid Transformational Therapy and Rachel is a Licensed RTT® Practitioner in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

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"First you make your beliefs.. then your beliefs make you"

Marisa Peer

Reviews & Feedback

What Rachel's Clients Are Saying

Rachel is amazing … she guided me through the core issues I never knew existed and lead me to absolute freedom. I feel so much lighter and stronger - thank you Rachel

Maria, NSW - Australia

Rachel was really engaged as a therapist, her process felt really safe and the session we had helped me unlock things that I really needed to understand about myself

Helen, Nelson - New Zealand

Rachel is friendly and caring and made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease during my session. She was able to go deep and find the underlying reason for my presenting issue.

Shannon, NSW - Australia


Rachel loves helping her clients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact Rachel today to learn more and book a session.

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