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Rachel Thorburn

Be The Best Version of You

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Rachel is a mum of two children and a qualified RTT Therapist.

She graduated from Waikato University as a Primary School Teacher and also has a Sport Degree and a Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance).

Rachel's passion is to help mums Be The Best Version of You!

To FREE mums from overwhelm, anxiety, stress, self sabotage,  and low self-esteem.

To truly live life to their full potential....

Ever since Rachel was a teenager she utilised various forms of therapy for her own self discovery journey and healing of depression and anxiety. Rachel studied self development and attended life education courses. Whether it be Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, CBT, NLP, EFT, Landmark Education, Rachel was always searching for the answer as to why she felt different. 

This answer came at the age of 46 - Rachel was a neurodiverse woman living in a neurotypical world. She was formally diagnosed with ADHD. 


Rachel also discovered John Demartini and Joe Dispenza in her journey to wellness. She learnt very quickly that it was up to her and her mind to create her future and put the past behind her. 

Rachel discovered Marisa Peer's "I am enough" evolution and was taken! She soon discovered RTT® Therapy - which was pioneered by Marisa Peer after 30 years of being a traditional therapist.

What Rachel discovered is that RTT® gets to the root cause of issues - such as anxiety, depression and other ailments as a result of trauma or undiagnosed neurodiversity. It is not the event but the interpretation of the event and the beliefs we create at that time. We then go on to live our life through those beliefs which are stored in our subconscious mind. Our emotions are the end cause of thought and as our emotions are driven by deep set beliefs in our subconscious we need to re program our self limiting beliefs that are holding us back from having the life we truly deserve.

Rachel trained to be a Licenced RTT® Therapist as she wanted to help other woman free themselves from pain, discover the root cause of their issues, and empower woman to love themselves, but in a faster manner than she did. RTT® is rapid and it truly gives an understanding of the beliefs that are running our everyday lives. Beliefs that we are not even aware of. 

Let  Rachel help you!


Life is too short to spend 40 years sorting yourself out.

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